Best Home Warranty For Veterans In 2023

Once your home hits a certain mark, be it four or five years down the line, rising home repair costs are inevitable. Even if your veteran status offers access to housing allowances or such, it is best to start thinking of getting a home warranty in case of unexpected breakdowns.

A broken washer or a leak in your plumbing system may easily cost you thousands of dollars to repair or replace. Ahome warranty policycan help you cut back on the amount you spend on these fixes. For veterans, some home warranty companies tend to have exclusive discounts or offers.

Read on to find out the best home warranty companies for veterans.

Top 5 Home Warranty Companies For Veterans

Our list is curated based on many factors – comprehensiveness of coverage, affordability, service quality, and more.

Note– The listed discounts are general and applicable to everyone. Liberty Home Guard and Choice Home Warranty are the only ones that offer exclusive military discounts.

Choosing A Home Warranty As A Veteran

There are many home warranty companies in the market. Some may have exhaustive coverage options at a higher cost while others have lucrative offers and deals running throughout the year but may offer limited coverage. Both are viable options and you should choose one based on your requirements.

That being said, there are other things that you should consider while deciding on a home warranty purchase –

  • Take stock and make a list of appliances and systems that have been around for a while and are showing signs of wear and tear. You can skip any new additions to your home as they may still have a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Start looking up home warranty companies and their offerings. Compare them with the items on your list and shortlist a few companies that match your needs. This list can also include companies that offer discounts, offers, services, or other factors that appeal to you.
  • Check reviews of the shortlisted companies. Reading through reviews will give you a first hand account of a home warranty providers’ strong points and shortcomings. Homeowner reviews detailing the entire claims and repair process are generally reliable and can help you make a decision.
  • Source quotes to find out the pricing details of your desirable home warranty companies. Check if they fit your budget or if they have any exclusive deals, offers or military discounts for veterans.
  • Read up on sample home warranty companies and understand the extent of coverage including the exclusions and limitations.

Once you decide on the one, you can purchase the plan online from the company of your choice.

How Does Home Warranty Work For Active Or Retired Military?

The claims process for a home warranty works the same for ordinary citizens and active or retired military alike. It’s a simple enough process once your home warranty kicks in after the waiting period. A brief overview of the process looks like –

  • Call or place a service request online if a covered item breaks down. The customer service representative will arrange an appointment with a service technician from their network at a convenient time, usually within 48 hours.
  • You’ll have to pay the service technician the deductible amount after they arrive on the decided time. They check the item’s condition and figure out the reason for the breakdown. The home warranty provider will seek the technician’s advice for repair or replacement.
  • Note– Your home warranty provider may reject your claim if the damaged part is not covered as per their contract or if the reason for damage is not due to regular wear and tear. Read your contract carefully to understand these exceptions and avoid claim denial.

  • If your item’s covered, the company will sign off on the course of action they deem fit – repair, replacement, cash in lieu of replacement, etc. The cost of this action will be borne by the home warranty provider.

A similar process will be carried out for any subsequent claim requests you may have.

What Does A Veteran’s Home Warranty Cover?

A home warranty plan will cover the major home appliances and systems in your home along with an assortment of optional add-ons.

Covered Appliances




Washing Machine 




Covered Systems


HVAC system
Plumbing system 

Plumbing system
Electrical system 

Electrical system

Water Heater

Common Optional Add-Ons


Well Pump 

Well Pump
Well Pump 

Sump Pump
Well Pump 

Guest Unit

Roof Leaks


Note: The list is not exhaustive.

How Much Does A Home Warranty Cost For Veterans?

On average, the monthly cost of a home warranty ranges from $30-$60 and the annual cost from $300-$550. The deductible amount can be around $60-$150. The cost of your optional add-ons will be dependent on the offerings you choose and their charge.

The cost of your overall home warranty will be based on other factors – the size of your home, whether it’s a single family home or multi-unit property, your area, etc. Find out exact pricing details by getting a quote.

Note– USAA offers military discounts for home warranties if you are a member.

Is A Home Warranty Worth It For Veterans?

Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about house warranties, including how they operate, how much they cost, and which firms are the best, the question is whether they’re worth it. Does a veteran’s home warranty pay off in the long run?

When evaluating whether or not a house warranty is worthwhile, there are a few aspects to consider. Your existing budget and your savings are the two most crucial factors. You can avoid the home warranty if you have a lot of money in your emergency fund and don’t mind spending it on things like air conditioning repair or a damaged stovetop.

If you want to put your money toward anything else, you might want to look into the benefits of a house warranty for veterans. A home warranty is a good decision if you can afford the monthly costs and agreed-upon service call fees, especially if you live inVirginia,Alaska, orMontana, which have the highest concentration of veterans.

How We Picked The Home Warranties

To provide you with credible ratings and company evaluations, we examine, compare, analyze, and process consumer feedback. The goal is to assess businesses based on how well they service their clients rather than how well they sell themselves. To determine where a corporation should rank, our system considers the following factors:

  • Credibility– We check to see if the company is reputable, registered with the necessary organizations, and properly incorporated.
  • Transparency– We look to see if the home warranty providers are willing to provide information that clients are interested in.
  • Reviews– We place a premium on reviews that describe the nature of the problem and the company’s remedy.
  • Pricing– We look at the cost of home warranty programmes in relation to the benefits they provide.
  • Coverage– We examine the coverage provided by various home warranty plans to determine the company’s dedication to excellence.
  • Complaint Resolution– We notice the intent and the robustness by which the home warranty provider responds to their customers using our platform.
  • Claims Settlement– We take into account user feedback on the convenience of resolving claims and the turnaround time.
  • Innovation– We look for organizations who go above and beyond to deliver value-added services and unique coverage alternatives.

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