The Best Condo Home Warranty Companies 2023

Owning a condominium is quite an expensive proposition these days. You may avoid external issues of the building with condo home insurance, but you would not want to pay extra on the repairs of systems and appliances inside your condo. To protect yourself from unexpected repair costs, you can consider purchasing a home warranty. A … Read more

Best Home Warranty For Veterans In 2023

Once your home hits a certain mark, be it four or five years down the line, rising home repair costs are inevitable. Even if your veteran status offers access to housing allowances or such, it is best to start thinking of getting a home warranty in case of unexpected breakdowns. A broken washer or a … Read more

Does A Home Warranty Cover Electrical Issues?

Electrical issues are common and unexpected. And if you have this question, “Does home warranty cover electrical issues?” in your mind, you’ll find the answer in this blog. Home warranty companies cover the repair and replacement costs of your home appliances and systems. There are many companies in the market that also offer coverage for … Read more

What Does A Seller’s Home Warranty Cover?

A seller’s home warranty is similar to a general home warranty contract. As a seller, you can be confident that if any covered system or appliance fails during the closing process, you will not be required to pay for the repair. But do you know what a seller’s home warranty covers? We have answered the … Read more