Automatic friend requests sent when visiting profiles

Update: According to a spokesperson from Meta, they have addressed the issue of automatic friend requests on Facebook. The spokesperson stated that there was a recent update to the Facebook app that caused these requests to be sent mistakenly. However, Meta has since stopped this from happening and apologized for any inconvenience it may have … Read more

Here’s how to make money using ChatGPT [Guide]

Can you make a million dollars using ChatGPT? Many popular influencers claim that it is possible and accessible to anyone. Unfortunately, this lovely promise is more of a mirage than anything else. Everyone wants to benefit from ChatGPT’s success. A big number of influencers do not hesitate to promote the chatbot as the ideal tool … Read more

These are the Best Free Cloud Services In 2023

Information is what ensures we remain connected in this world. The demand for data storage has gotten much more significant with the improvement of technology. For every device we use, the data must be securely saved somewhere by the end of the day. Whether small or large, our devices are subject to this rule at … Read more

The wait is over: PlayStation VR2 hits stores

The PlayStation VR2 headset has been exclusive on its direct-to-consumer site. Now, the Japanese firm has widened the availability of its headset. In fact, a month ago, Sony issued an announcement on Twitter, saying that the VR device will become available for more users soon. However, there was no concrete release date or list of … Read more