Don’t Fall for the Misleading Samsung Galaxy A24 Marketing Strategy

For smartphone manufacturers, marketing and advertisements play a crucial role in the sale performance of their phones. The main of these is to highlight the key features of the devices and make them appealing to the targeted audience. But sometimes, brands attempt to deceive their customers with misleading marketing methods. The Samsung Galaxy A24’s latest ad campaign is a prime example of that.

To give you the context, Samsung has brought the Galaxy A24 to the Malaysian market. And to advertise the phone, Samsung decided to be a little sneaky with the memory specifications. At RM999, which is around $223, Samsung is offering a 1-year extended warranty, a clear case, and supposedly 16GB of RAM!

The 16GB RAM of Galaxy A24 Is Fake!

Before anything else, let’s make it pretty clear that the Galaxy A24 does not come with 16GB of RAM. Even though the marketing materials state that it does, the fine print on the official announcement page will tell you the truth. According to it, the phone has 8GB of RAM, which users can extend to 16GB by using the RAM Plus software tool.

Samsung Galaxy A24 Actual Specs

That tool basically enables you to repurpose the built-in storage of the Galaxy A24 and add 8GB of virtual RAM to the device. But the thing is, not everyone will bother looking at the fine print of the official page before purchasing the device. They will just see the advertisement and get the phone expecting to get 16GB of actual RAM.

Galaxy A24

Nonetheless, there’s no denying that the Samsung Galaxy A24 with the promo in Malaysia is a good deal. The phone is even guaranteed to get four major Android updates, which ensures that you will run Android 17 on it. Still, all of this does not justify Samsung’s attempt to mislead people with three asterisks.

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