The Best Condo Home Warranty Companies 2023

Owning a condominium is quite an expensive proposition these days. You may avoid external issues of the building with condo home insurance, but you would not want to pay extra on the repairs of systems and appliances inside your condo.

To protect yourself from unexpected repair costs, you can consider purchasing a home warranty. A home warranty covers the repair and replacement costs of your primary home systems and appliances. When any covered item breaks down due to normal wear and tear, you can inform the warranty provider, and they will send someone to fix the issue. To learn more about condo home warranty, read this article.

How Is The Condo Home Warranty Different?

A home warranty for condos works the same as it does for other homes. It is aservice contractcovering the repair and replacements of major systems and appliances that break down due to normal wear and tear. However, there is one exception, a condo home warranty will not cover any shared items. Even if you purchase the best home warranty plan for a condo, it will exclude systems or appliances shared between units. Depending on the condo, the shared systems can include:

  • Pipes & Plumbing
  • Light Fixtures
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Electric Systems
  • Heating Systems
  • Air conditioning Systems

How Does A Home Warranty Work?

A home warranty kicks in once its waiting period is over. If any of your covered systems or appliances break down, you can file a claim with the company.

  • Most companies assign qualified technicians to diagnose the issues within 2-5 business days of claim submission. However, if you have filed an emergency claim, a contractor may reach out in 24 hours.
  • To get the servicing done, you will be required topay a deductibleor service call fee or trade call fee to the service provider. This amount will be mentioned in your home warranty contract.

Home Warranty For Condo Vs Townhouse Vs Apartment


  • A condo home warranty is a plan that protects condo owners and buyers from huge expenses involved in systems and appliances’ repair or replacement.
  • A condo home warranty does not cover systems and appliances shared by the neighboring condo.


  • A Townhouse is mainly similar to that of a condominium. The only difference is that a townhouse usually has two levels and is typically rented.
  • The renter does not purchase the home warranty; the owner or property manager does.
  • The home warranty coverage for the townhouse would work in a similar way as it does for condominiums.


  • The critical difference between a condo, townhouse, and an apartment is the ownership. A condo generally has a unique owner or landlord, whereas an apartment is a part of a residential society.
  • An apartment can be rented or owned. If it’s rented, the owner will purchase a home warranty.
  • Shared systems and appliances won’t be covered.

Do You Need A Home Warranty For Your Condominium?

When youown a house, you will have to deal with occasional repairs of faulty appliances. Whether your condominium is new or old, home warranties can be a great way to manage properties. Out-of-pocket expenses on such repairs will be reduced with a home warranty. Here are some factors to consider when thinking about a home warranty for your condo:

Condo Management

In a condominium, the responsibility of managing the property is either yours or the owner or both. The rules to live in a condo are set mainly by the Housing Association. From pet ownership, trash collection to the design and decor of your space, the rules specify everything.

Condos are better for people who want to stay in the same place for many years or rent out some part of their space.

You may not be responsible for paying for most renovations since you’ll be provided with regular maintenance by your apartment association. To live in an apartment, you need to follow society’s rules and guidelines. If your landlord can prevail upon to get a home warranty, it cuts down your expenses. Same goes if you are the landlord.


Once you select the company, find out if it provides services in your area since many home warranty companies operate only in a specific location. Companies with a good local contractor network can send you someone familiar with the nuances of a condo.

Who To Call For Unexpected Breakdowns?

If any of your covered system or appliance experiences a breakdown, you can file a claim with the company. To do so, you can put up the service request online or call them at the provided numbers. Most companies offer their services 24/7. You can get more specific information regarding claims in your service contract. Without a home warranty, you’re left to find out who has the requisite skill.

Item Coverage

Are there items that are likely to start breaking down?

Depending on the home warranty company and plan you have selected, you can add other items as optional add-ons at an extra cost, such as:

However, if your condo has any system or appliance shared, it will not be included in the warranty coverage.

Condo Repair Costs

The fancier the systems and appliances in your condo, the more it willcost to repairthem via retail arrangements. Small fixes may cost less, but complex breakdowns can set you back by over $7000.

The averagecost of home warrantyplans for a condo could range between $300 and $600 a year. For each service visit, you must pay a deductible to the technician. This amount usually ranges between $60 to $150, depending upon the company you’ve selected. Lastly, the total cost of the home warranty policy depends on other factors such as selected plan, optional add-ons, area of residence, and the size of your condo.

Is The Condo Warranty Worth It?

You must consider two things while deciding on a condo home warranty; your plans with your property and the value home warranty offers to it. When you see that an unexpected HVAC breakdown can cost you around $700 to get it repaired. On the contrary, by investing the same amount in a home warranty, you can cover most of your major systems and appliances; which is a smarter and worthy alternative.

Additionally, If you think that you may sell your condo after some time, a home warranty could benefit the sale. It can give buyers more confidence about the quality of your condo. However, before investing in a home warranty, it is necessary to understand the terms and conditions in detail. So we recommend that you must read the service contract to make it a worthy investment.

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