These are the Best Free Cloud Services In 2023

Information is what ensures we remain connected in this world. The demand for data storage has gotten much more significant with the improvement of technology. For every device we use, the data must be securely saved somewhere by the end of the day. Whether small or large, our devices are subject to this rule at home, in the office, etc. As technology improves, we have abandoned using external hard drives (storage devices), which were helpful to us over time, and shifted our focus to other high-tech options surpassing traditional data storage methods. This is where now free Cloud storage services come in handy.

There are currently multiple options for free cloud storage services. Choosing the suitable one has become challenging. In addition, various of these selections are available in free and paid options. Some options for cloud services make you need clarification about which to choose. If you fall under this category, we have gone through some of the best free cloud services to help you make better choices without spending any coin.

Let us dive in and get started.

pCloud Free Cloud Service

Pcloud Free Cloud Services

Our first recommended cloud storage service is pCloud, which is highly regarded for its positive reputation. To access pCloud services, you must create a valid account, and you are set. Upon registration, the platform will welcome you with a free 2GB. In addition to the starter 2GB package, pCloud gives you a 10GB more package after agreeing to a set of terms and conditions that the platform will require you to do.pCloud is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, and offers unlimited file transfer sizes, setting it apart from many other players.


kDrive Free Cloud Services

Next is a drive, offering up to 15GB of free storage.kDrive, however, comes with some fallbacks. First, there is a paid plan which is quite expensive. Secondly, the platform lacks impressive features such as local end-to-end encryption, differential synchronization, and transfer data compression. However, we are not trying to discourage you, as kDrive replaces this with offering a slew of features that are worth your time and money, most importantly. The platform, in return, compensates with top performance, a commitment to privacy, and a suite of sharing and collaboration tools. The platform also offers kSuite tools, resulting from a partnership with OnlyOffice, and is 100% compatible with Microsoft Office. kDrive is available on Windows, Android, and Appstore for Ios.


icedrive Free Cloud Services (1)

Icedrive is one of the fastest-rising cloud storage in this field. However, related to new in the game.Icedrive promises some fantastic features that are quiet to resist. First, it offers up to 10GB of free storage with simple, adequate end-to-end security. And when this is not enough, you can upgrade your current free plan to a Paid subscription, which guarantees you up to 2TB of storage. It offers a variety of features, including Automatic file backup, File sharing and collaboration, Media streaming, and more. It has few restrictions, such as daily bandwidth restrictions for free accounts. Still, it makes up for it by offering attractive features such as file preview and total old edition saving of documents. Icedrive, like the other Cloud storage services featured in the article, allows users to access it on Linux, Windows, Android, and Apple Store for iOS.

Internxt Free Cloud Service


Internxt is another great cloud storage option that offers up to 10GB of storage. The Cloud service stands out thanks to its assurance regarding privacy. Internxt uses a secure end-to-end AES-256 encryption mechanism to protect your data. The platform is open-source, meaning anyone with no knowledge about coding can see the technology behind the platform, thus building the confidence of its users. If you are looking for an affordable, easy-to-use, and packed with features, Internxt is the most excellent choice if you’re searching for something reasonably priced, simple to use, and filled with features.



Last on our list is Dropbox, which offers up to 2GB of free storage. The 2GB storage may sound too small, but you still have the option to switch to a paid plan that offers 2TB of storage. In addition, you should take note that Dropbox makes up for the generous 2GB of free storage with extensive features and a fluid interface that make it a noteworthy competitor. The platform offers users an additional 14GB for free through a referral system. It is easy to use on iOS, Windows, and Android OS.

Final Thoughts On Free Cloud Storage Services

It would be best to consider your specific needs and circumstances to choose the best free cloud storage service. Choosing the right platform will be perfect if you prioritize storage size, security, or integration with the already existing nature.

As we conclude, you must remember that Free Cloud Storage services may have their problems. If you find them not satisfying your need, you can upgrade to a paid plan that suits your needs. We hope this article has provided information to help you choose the best free cloud storage service.

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