WhatsApp to soon get Telegram like feature for broadcasting information

As the pioneer of one-on-one messaging and group chats, WhatsApp has changed how we communicate. The introduction of Communities has made strides in facilitating larger group interactions. However, the app still lacks a scalable method for one-to-many communication, a feature that rival Telegram has had for years in the form of Channels. Nevertheless, the upcoming WhatsApp Channels feature promises to bring it up to par. Let’s dive into the details.

WhatsApp Channels: The Anticipation Builds

With a string of reports spotting the WhatsApp Channels feature in development, it’s clear that the app is inching closer to Telegram’s familiar design. WABetaInfo has discovered a new prompt educating users about Channels, prepped for when it drops. The prompt appears in beta version of the messaging app available on the Play Store.

WhatsApp Channels
source: WABetaInfo

No Set Cap on Members

WhatsApp says that there’s no set cap on the number of members a Channel can have. This feature can share news, events, and other information with a large audience. In addition, members of a Channel won’t see the sender’s phone number, ensuring the latter’s privacy stays intact.

End-to-End Encryption: Unclear

Interestingly, WhatsApp’s popup doesn’t say whether communication in channels will be encrypted end-to-end. This leaves users wondering about the security and privacy concerns of the new feature.

Channels and Updates

An additional screenshot from WABetaInfo clarifies that updates from channels will show up under the temporary status updates from your contacts. To accommodate this change, WhatsApp will rename the Status tab to Updates. Together, these two changes give us a clear understanding of how Channels will operate on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Channels for Businesses

Channels are a great first step towards full-fledged one-to-many messaging on WhatsApp.  Businesses trying to communicate with customers or for government and private entities looking to broadcast information to interested parties will find it very helpful.

WhatsApp Channels vs. Status Updates and Group Chats

Until now, these purposes were fulfilled by brief status updates and multiple limited-participant group chats where only the admins could send messages. With the introduction of Channels, these limitations will allow organizations to reach their target audiences more efficiently.

The Wait for Channels to Roll Out

As we await the official rollout of Channels on the stable version of WhatsApp, it’s essential to consider this new feature’s potential benefits and disadvantages.

Benefits of Channels

  1. Scalability: With no predetermined cap on the number of members, Channels can reach a larger audience than group chats or status updates.
  2. Privacy: Members of a Channel won’t see the sender’s phone number, ensuring privacy for the broadcaster.
  3. Efficiency: Channels streamline communication, making it easier for businesses and organizations to broadcast information to their target audience.

Drawbacks of Channels

  1. Encryption: The need for more clarity regarding end-to-end encryption raises concerns about the security and privacy of Channels.
  2. Adoption: Users may take time to adapt to the new feature, especially if they are accustomed to using Telegram or other platforms with similar functionality.

Comparing WhatsApp Channels and Telegram Channels

As WhatsApp Channels edge closer to Telegram’s familiar design, it’s worth comparing the two platforms’ features.

Pros of WhatsApp Channels

  • Larger user base: WhatsApp has a more extensive user base than Telegram, making it easier for businesses and organizations to reach their target audience.
  • Integration with other features: By renaming the Status tab to Updates, Channels will be seamlessly integrated into the existing WhatsApp interface.

Pros of Telegram Channels

  • Established user experience: Telegram Channels have been around for years, and users are familiar with their functionality.
  • Encryption: Telegram offers end-to-end encryption, ensuring secure communication between users.

How to Prepare for WhatsApp Channels

As the release of WhatsApp Channels draws closer, preparing for its impact on communication is essential.

For Businesses and Organizations

  1. Evaluate your communication strategy: Consider how Channels can enhance communication with customers or stakeholders.
  2. Develop a plan: Outline a strategy for implementing Channels, including content creation and audience engagement.
  3. Train your team: Educate employees about the new feature and its benefits, ensuring they can use it effectively.

For Users

  1. Stay informed: Keep up to date with news and updates about WhatsApp Channels so you’re ready when it rolls out.
  2. Adapt to the new interface: Familiarize yourself with the renamed Updates tab and how it will incorporate Channels.
  3. Evaluate your privacy and security: Consider the implications of Channels on your privacy and security, especially if end-to-end encryption is not confirmed.

The Future of WhatsApp Communication

As WhatsApp Channels inch closer to reality, they promise to change the way we communicate on the application. Businesses, organizations, and everyday users will benefit from this new feature’s scalability, privacy, and efficiency.

Elon Musk WhatsApp

However, it’s crucial to stay alert about potential drawbacks, such as the need for more clarity on end-to-end encryption. By staying informed and prepared, we can embrace the exciting possibilities of WhatsApp Channels.


WhatsApp Channels represent a significant step forward in one-to-many communication for the popular messaging app. As we await its official release, we must consider the potential benefits and drawbacks and adapt our strategies accordingly. By doing so, we can maximize the potential of this new feature communication and continue to enjoy the convenience and innovation that WhatsApp consistently delivers.

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